Amy Denny

Painting the surrounding beauty is an engrossing distraction

from our crisis-prone times.

Some flowers are smaller than a fingertip yet,

as beautiful as our very planet.

Some flowers bloom for less than a day.

The beauty of these moments should be treasured,

absorbed with the eyes,inhaled deeply, and

enjoyed for as long as possible.

The question I am most often asked, "Why do you paint so many flowers?" 

Flowers have such a strong impact on our mood. They can relieve stress, lift your spirits, comfort you in times of grief and provide romance to a “budding” relationship. Flowers are natural mood boosters and just seeing them increases your dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.  Why not paint flowers when they can make so many people happy? 


Flowers, whether you receive them, grow them, or just admire them, are a physical manifestation of effort that any gardner can attest to. It’s not as simple as seeds, water and light. To counteract the seven months of grey weather in the Midwest or compensate for a black thumb, my paintings provide permanent flowers that can be enjoyed year round for many years to come. 



"If you aren’t creating art, what else can we find you doing?"


In addition to painting and frame building, I am a self-taught handywoman who has never met a problem, but has encountered and conquered a few challenges. I recently completed an addition to my home that is situated on 7 acres filled with birds, bugs and a few wildflowers. My partner and I stay busy restoring the land to its native conditions and removing invasive plants.  

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Artist's Bio

I was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois in an overcrowded, dysfunctional Irish Catholic family. After receiving a Bachelor's of Visual Arts, I worked as a graphic designer, when “layout” meant using a T-square, light table, ruler, exact-o knife and wax machine. 

My present medium of oil in a particular painterly style is the result of a lifelong love and study of the fine arts. I find pleasant distraction in the natural beauty surrounding my home and painting portraits of flowers. My paintings have been recognized at the Illinois State Fair and the Lincoln Memorial Garden Exhibit at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.


As of late, in addition to graphic design and painting, I am doing light construction and studying under a master furniture craftsman. Three years ago, I began constructing wood frames and canvases for my own artwork and to sell on their own. My future plans include "discovering"and painting flora and fauna, living simply, and continuing to do the things I love with the people I love. 


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Springfield, IL, USA

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